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Inching Through Twinkle Variations with Non-Pareilles

Johnny has had four violin lessons and one group class. It’s so strange to see how different two children can be. After years of telling friends that my kids were more alike than not, as violinists at least they show … Continue reading

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Suzuki from a Pop Musician’s Perspective

Nerissa: My niece, with her band, has recorded her first single, which she wrote, sings lead on and plays bass on. It’s a rocking song called “Speak Up!” and my kids just got their mitts on a CD of it. … Continue reading

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Suzuki, The Beatles, and the Secret Beetle of Abbey Road

Shinichi Suzuki was one of the great thinkers of the 20th Century. His lifetime actually spanned the 20th century (he lived from 1898 to 1998), encompassing two world wars, Imperial Japan and the atomic bombing of his homeland. He emerged … Continue reading

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What Music Is Worth

While I was in the Adirondacks, I lost $500. It was an expensive vacation: Jay dropped my camera and now it’s broken beyond repair. Ironically, I was going to spend the $500 on a new camera, but when I returned … Continue reading

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Why We Practice and The King’s Speech

Tom and I went to see The King’s Speech on Saturday night. Lila went on strike beforehand, as she inevitably does when we have date night. “OK, well, you have to tell me the whole story about the movie afterwards,” … Continue reading

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