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If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out

My guitar class is learning this song to perform in The Day the Music Thrived, a concert/barnraiser/awareness raiser/fundraiser for Yes! Northampton to encourage the town of Northampton MA to say YES! to an override to raise taxes to support (among … Continue reading

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All the Pretty Little Horses

I am teaching this wonderful lullaby to my HooteNanny Parent Guitar class, which meets on Tuesdays in my living room. We are learning first position, mostly 3-chord songs this winter, but everyone loves fingerpicking. This fingerpick is called an arpeggio, … Continue reading

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The North Wind Doth Blow

Our first Hoot of the Week post! I just taught this song to my guitar group, and it’s really the perfect song for beginning guitarists. It has only two chords, D and A, and they are both among the easiest … Continue reading

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Inching Through Twinkle Variations with Non-Pareilles

Johnny has had four violin lessons and one group class. It’s so strange to see how different two children can be. After years of telling friends that my kids were more alike than not, as violinists at least they show … Continue reading

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Alignment Enlightenment

Nerissa: Each week, our violin teacher gives us a practice plan, a sheet with a grid on it with the days of the week horizontally across the top and various items listed vertically on the left hand side of the … Continue reading

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Nields Scream for Liverpool Legends

Nerissa: Much has happened since last we visited our heroes. Mostly the mom in the family has been overwhelmed with a new CD coming out, which has wrecked havoc on all other members of said family, but the innate musicality … Continue reading

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The Many Uses of the Boom Whacker

Nerissa: I was told when friends learned I’d be having a baby boy, that at a certain age, all phallic objects turn into guns. Yet I observed a different phenomenon in Katryna’s house. When William turned four, all phallic objects … Continue reading

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Why You Should Listen to Music #24

I had the good fortune to attend a Suzuki parent talk by my old friend fellow guitar teacher Dave Madsen. Dave and I knew each other 20 years ago when we were both working at the Loomis Chaffee school in … Continue reading

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Nerissa: So we started Johnny on Suzuki guitar lessons. Yes, he is three-and-a-half. No, he can’t understand the difference between my gently suggesting that he might not want to dump his glass of watercolor paint wash all over the table … Continue reading

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Missing Ringo and Hard Conversations

I just went on eBay to buy a Ringo doll but was deterred by the fact that Ringo not only costs $49.95, but that to have him shipped to me from Canada will cost me an additional $17.95. I love … Continue reading

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