“Mary Wore a Red Dress”


Hoot of the Week is “Mary Wore a Red Dress.” Wonderfully simple (another 2 chord song!) and infinitely adaptable. The lyric is:

Mary wore a red dress, red dress, red dress

Mary wore a red dress all day long.

Substitute names, colors, clothes to recognize everyone present. Or talk about what everyone had for breakfast:

Johnny ate some French toast, French toast, French toast

Johnny ate some French toast for breakfast.

We often use this as a greeting song, going around the room and noting everyone’s name and something (s)he is wearing:

Casey wore a striped shirt striped shirt striped shirt

Casey wore a striped shirt all day long.

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One Response to “Mary Wore a Red Dress”

  1. Tanya says:

    You always inspire me, Nerissa! I actually asked Mark if I can use his guitar (that he does not play), and try this one myself – Zac loved it when we sang it in our local Music Together class. I realized I don’t know how to tune a guitar, so I found an app for that. Then I tuned the guitar, and haltingly slowly played along.

    You got me to do the thing that I’ve been putting off doing since I taught myself to play the opening of Rush’s “The Trees” on a borrowed guitar in 1989. YOU GOT ME TO PLAY A GUITAR!

    Zackie was so impressed. Mama pwayin’ GEEE-TAR!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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