The North Wind Doth Blow

Our first Hoot of the Week post! I just taught this song to my guitar group, and it’s really the perfect song for beginning guitarists. It has only two chords, D and A, and they are both among the easiest chords to play. Also, as you can see in the video, the right hand just strums the chord and waits around for quite awhile between changes. A perfect song for a January day!

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2 Responses to The North Wind Doth Blow

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  2. Showed this to z this morning (to erase the horror of a viewing of gungam style) and he was transfixed. “Ra-rissa pwayin’ guitar!” And he demanded more. We are working our way through Nields videos on YouTube this morning. Z’s assessment “ra-rissa happy! Ka-wee-na dances. Thackie wikes dancin’ too!” He would also like to know if there is a bunny on your farm. Coincidentally, music together restarts this morning. 🙂 love you!

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