Big Ole Lefty Sing Along

Annie Patterson & Peter Blood

Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, authors of Rise Up Singing!

Last Sunday, we did not make calls for Obama, nor did we carry signs for Elizabeth Warren or knock on doors in New Hampshire (though our parents did exactly that in VA, convincing a former air force pilot to vote blue.) Instead, we brought our kids to the third floor of Thornes and staged a Big Ole Lefty Sing Along (BOLSA) with Annie Patterson and Peter Blood. Did we convert anyone? Probably not. We sure cheered ourselves up, though. Something about joining voices in impassioned songs (“Union Maid,” “The Banks Were Made of Marble,” “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream,” If I Had A Hammer,” “This Land is Your Land,”) that lifts my own nervous system to a place of well-calibrated energized serenity. Our kids joined in: Amelia played along on her green ukulele, Johnny ran in circles chasing his friend Saskia, Lila and William sang a little and then spirited themselves into a corner to trade home made Pokemon cards. We left, thrilled to have finally co-conspired with our literary/folk-song-collecting heroes the Blood-Pattersons, full of piss and vinegar and excitement about casting our votes.

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