Nields Scream for Liverpool Legends

Nerissa: Much has happened since last we visited our heroes. Mostly the mom in the family has been overwhelmed with a new CD coming out, which has wrecked havoc on all other members of said family, but the innate musicality of the children goes on undamaged despite the parents’ best efforts at overwhelming the household with Busyness. Highlight of the last month:

The Fake Beatles AKA the Liverpool Legends played at nearby Northampton High School on May 3, and we all went, paying homage to the TWO Herbie the Love Bug lookalikes set up to lure my 3 year old (was this concert made for my family or WHAT?)

The Liverpool Legends is a pretty standard Beatles cover band except for two remarkable distinctions. First, they are the brainchild of George Harrison’s beloved sister Louise who travels with them and manages them.

Second, they play at high schools and colleges across the world, and invite the school’s music programs to get in on the fun. Our Northampton High School band and a group of local (student) string players practiced for weeks, learning every note of an array of Beatles tunes with the precise orchestration (“All You Need is Love,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Yesterday,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Ob La Di, Ob La Da,” and on and on.)

Both my children were transfixed. Johnny spent the whole show literally at the edge of his folded up theatre seat leaning forward over the seat in front of him. Lila curled into my arms and sang along, “Woooo’d” along to “She Loves You,” and ran up to the front when invited to do so (the first act ended in 1966 when the real Beatles stopped touring; the second began with Sgt. Pepper era costumes and songs and ended with Let It Be and “The End” from Abbey Road.)

We were so proud of our local musicians. I was in tears watching teenagers I see regularly up on stage with the Beatles doppelgangers, playing those parts with such care and energy. At the end of the show, I got to meet Louise. “Thank you for taking such good care of the fans,” I said, remembering reading that Louise and George’s Mum were famous for answering every single fan letter for all four Beatles back in the day. “I learned from me Mum,” Louise told me.

We walked home from the show. It was dark and sweetly warm. “Dis is da best day of my wife,” sighed Johnny.

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One Response to Nields Scream for Liverpool Legends

  1. paul says:

    The Neilds are a pretty famous regional group that attended the show and was pleased by the looks of this posting. Just FYI

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