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The Grammys are my Superbowl: By Katryna

By Katryna: My kids begged me to let them watch the Grammys.  They had heard that Adele would be performing for the first time since her vocal cord surgery.  Her song “Rolling in the Deep” was our family’s song of … Continue reading

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Nerissa: So we started Johnny on Suzuki guitar lessons. Yes, he is three-and-a-half. No, he can’t understand the difference between my gently suggesting that he might not want to dump his glass of watercolor paint wash all over the table … Continue reading

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Suzuki Mom Tricks

It’s been a good week, for a change, for the Reluctant Suzuki Mom, AKA me, Nerissa. Last week, we participated in a bi-annual recital in which Lila played Bach’s Minuet 3 (From the Anna Magdelena Notebook). We sat next to … Continue reading

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7 Guitars, 3 Ukuleles, 1 Melodica and 1 Baby Grand = a Neighborhood Band

By Katryna….Being a professional musician can get in the way of a neighborhood singalong. I grew up with singalongs galore.  My parents would arrive with their guitar where others would arrive with a bottle of wine.  They weren’t pros, but … Continue reading

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