Who Was John Lennon’s Best Friend?

For Christmas, Amelia and William gave me these Beatles glasses. They were my favorite present by far, and I had a good year for Christmas presents. Drinking my water out of one of the Fab Four just puts a smile on my face every day. And to hear my kids identify my Boys by name…well, here’s a recent conversation.

Johnny: Can I have John Lennon?
Me: Sure, sweetie. [I pour OJ into John.]
Lila: Mama, which one was John’s best friend?
Me: Well, at different times they were each John’s best friend. During the mid 60s, George and John were the ones most into Transcendental Meditation and India. And in the 70s, John and Ringo hung out a lot. But most people would probably say that Paul was John’s best friend. They wrote most of the early songs together, you know.
Lila: I want Paul, then. [I hand her Paul. She proceeds to animate her OJ glass in a high squeaky voice.] Hi, John, my name is Paul. Want to play with my Thomas trains?
Johnny: [As John L, also in high squeaky voice] Sure. Den we can dwive on the Beatle bus.

Speaking of the Beatles, it’s “I Am the Walrus” 24/7 here. He listens to it on repeat when he lies down to take his nap. He continues to be impressed by the alarm clock at minute 2. In Johnny’s preschool, they have The Letter Of the Week. This week’s is “I” so naturally, we brought in a CD of our favorite song.  I printed this photo out and pasted it onto a CD sleeve, and Johnny holds it and examines it like an ancient relic. “Dere’s de penguin,” he murmurs and he strokes the guitar player. For reasons unknown to me, he thinks George Harrison is a penguin. I don’t correct him. (Though I think George was a dog, and though John has famously said, “The walrus was Paul,” it’s pretty clear that Paul is the gorilla. Left-handed bass player, anyone?) “Mama, dere are a WOT of eggman!”

And finally, when our friend Tatum came over to play last week, Johnny said, “Tatum, who is your favorite Beatle?”

“Um,” said Tatum. “Ladybug?”

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2 Responses to Who Was John Lennon’s Best Friend?

  1. nields says:

    I have tears streaming down my face from this. Ladybug… hmmm…. what is YOUR favorite Beetle? I wonder if Johnny knows that Herbie, the car, is sometimes referred to as a Beetle.

  2. Ashley says:

    Ha! I like the way Tatum thinks. Dare I say that ladybugs are at least as cool as The Fab Four… (Is that heresy?!) 😉

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