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Missing Ringo and Hard Conversations

I just went on eBay to buy a Ringo doll but was deterred by the fact that Ringo not only costs $49.95, but that to have him shipped to me from Canada will cost me an additional $17.95. I love … Continue reading

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Practice makes….. FUN!

I love my daughter’s piano teacher.  I think she is a genius.  Her manner with children is firm but encouraging and her patience is extreme.  Her method of teaching blows me away.  She simultaneously teaches her students to read music, … Continue reading

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Suzuki, The Beatles, and the Secret Beetle of Abbey Road

Shinichi Suzuki was one of the great thinkers of the 20th Century. His lifetime actually spanned the 20th century (he lived from 1898 to 1998), encompassing two world wars, Imperial Japan and the atomic bombing of his homeland. He emerged … Continue reading

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Who Was John Lennon’s Best Friend?

For Christmas, Amelia and William gave me these Beatles glasses. They were my favorite present by far, and I had a good year for Christmas presents. Drinking my water out of one of the Fab Four just puts a smile … Continue reading

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I Am the Walrus, and Why the Alarm Clock?

  On the way home from Katryna’s house last week, we were listening to 93.9 The River, our favorite local station. On came “I Am the Walrus,” much to my delight. I’d actually written a whole scene in a novel … Continue reading

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How Not to Give a Kid an Instrument

For Christmas, we got three-year-old Johnny his first guitar, breaking all the rules of when and how to give your child an instrument. What not to do: -hand them an instrument -allow them to play it intuitively, i.e. grab a … Continue reading

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