Pop Songs are just a few chords away…

Tonight after dinner cleanup, Amelia went straight to the piano.  Her piano teacher has always taught her to play chords on the piano even while she teaches the reading of notes.  I think this is the part of Amelia’s piano study that I most envy.  I know that if she stops piano tomorrow, she  will forever have this secret key to accessing those black and white keys.  Even if she ceases to play The Entertainer, she will not easily forget these amazing chordal building blocks.  Of course, there is a cost.  She now has figured out how to play every pop song on the radio.  Sometimes, that is thrilling- Adele’s Someone Like You.  Sometimes it is less thrilling- Taio Cruz’s Dynamite.  Sometimes it is a little worrisome- Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks- love the song, but I don’t love those words coming out of the mouth of my sweet 10 year old! Still to have these songs at your fingertips is a great joy.

Singing Adele, Taio Cruz and Foster the People.

And extra fun when her brother grabs the metal bucket and drums along…

The latest in pop music drumming

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4 Responses to Pop Songs are just a few chords away…

  1. Amy Meltzer says:

    All my musical knowledge comes from my early foundation in classical piano, complete with scales and chords. When i transpose a guitar song in my head, or try to remember the notes that make up a chord or scale, I do it by visualizing the piano keyboard. I wish we had room for a piano so that I could encourage my girls to start with that instrument too. (i was forced. not sure that’s such a good idea, but i am grateful for what i learned.)

  2. nields says:

    My piano instruction involved note reading only. There were certainly scales, but chords were not taught. I took up the guitar when I was a teenager and learned to play using only chords. When someone taught me to play chords on the piano a whole new world opened up to me. It was so incredibly obvious and yet I had to be led there.

  3. Adele’s “Someone Like You” is basically the Am chord the whole way through. Very easy to play on either guitar or piano. I think it sounds good finger-picked on guitar. Now, all I need to do is remember the lyrics!

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