October Snow Songs

I turned the heat up, filled the bathtub with water, brewed my coffee and put it in the fridge, made everyone in the family bathe, made dinner at 4pm, got the cars in the garage, filled a dozen water bottles and pitchers with water and put them on the counter, found the flashlights+spare batteries, charged the cel phones, attempted to get all the laundry done, attempted to get every dish we used washed immediately, moved the outdoor furniture under the deck, went to the library and got stacks of books for the kids to stave off boredom, and generally prepared for power outages and snow drifts.  We always lose power up here in the hills.  Despite the 17″ of snow, we miraculously still have heat, water and electricity. It’s hard to leave our mountaintop, but it’s not unpleasant to stay.

After much arguing and stir crazy behavior and turning down their Mom’s excellent idea that they go OUTSIDE, the kids settled into “drawing noise.”  Each child got to choose a song off the iTunes catalog on the computer and they both drew whatever it made them feel.  First up was Tomorrowland by The Nields.  Second song was Born This Way by Lady Gaga.  Usually they draw three songs, but the lure of the sunshine on the fabulous packing snow sent them outside to build an igloo.

After the igloo, we still need to carve our pumpkins.  Should I play some crazy tunes and see what it makes us carve?

Are you in the snowstorm’s path?  What is your family doing today?

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One Response to October Snow Songs

  1. nields says:

    I am at your house since I lost power. Thanks!

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