All Together Suzuki in the Kitchen

I went on a spending spree at our local music store, Downtown Sounds, an institution in Northampton. I got some guitar tab paper for my parent Guitar Workshop (we are learning some Ziggy Marley, Cindy Kallet and Johnny Cash this week), Suzuki Guitar (for Johnny theoretically, but really for me–I figure it’s never too late to learn another way), Suzuki Book 3 for Lila (she’s at the end of Book 1, and our teacher is telling us to start listening to the S-3 CD) and best of all, Suzuki Duets.

After dinner, we pulled out the violin and guitar and went to it. We played Minuet 2 together haltingly in the music room, but after a couple of passes, we had it! We raced into the kitchen to play for Tom and Johnny. But as soon as Johnny (3) saw us in performance mode, he shouted, “I play dwums! Wait for me!” and he proceeded to run back and forth between kitchen and music room, collecting every drum we possess to add to the show. So we may have pulled of the very first rendition of Bach’s Minuet in G (“#2”) with violin, guitar and hat box.


Yesterday I bought myself a present. Suzuki duet

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  1. moscovore says:

    Hey Nerissa, I love the new look and feel of this blog! Great photos, beautiful banner and the usual cogent thinking and expressing. Lovely! Hope you are not powerless and shivering. Dry as a bone here in Moscow — what’s that all about anyway!

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