Drawing Songs

As part of the Suzuki program, families listen to the same CD every day. The CD consists of 22 tracks, which comprises the Book One  curriculum. At this point, after ten months of listening, Lila is very familiar with the music. She still likes it, which is more than I can say for all our family members. Though truth be told, this morning, trying to make peace amongst the cranky children, I said, “We’re going to give Lila a turn now,” and played her Suzuki disc. She immediately protested, “That’s not my choice! I want Please Please Me!”

We proceeded anyway, with the promise that after Johnny got his turn (“Going to the Zoo”), we’d give the Beatles some air time. As we listened to the familiar Twinkle variations, folk songs and Bach minuets, Lila went over to her little drawing table and pulled out a paper and pen. She hummed along and I watched as she moved her pen, drawing lines and moving her angle with the rhythm and pitch of the melody. When she was finished, she presented me with the drawing.
“Here, Mama. This is ‘Allegro.'”

She drew a new picture for the next song (“Perpetual Motion”), and another for the next (“Allegretto.”) Katryna has a similar game for her kids called Drawing Noise. In Katryna’s version, she picks three wildly disparate pieces, like Peter and the Wolf, “Ticket to Ride,” and They Might Be Giants “Solid Liquid Gas.” The kids and she have a great time drawing whatever the music makes them feel or think of.

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