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Computers might be able to win at Jeopardy, but they sure can’t play the piano

Music Perception Quiz  Fun Quiz for a rainy day. I may be failing at actually giving you the link. I am new to this WordPress stuff. Here is the URL in case it doesn’t work above.

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Magic in Mistakes

  A couple of weeks ago, I finally did something that I intend to do all the time.  I took my daughter to a concert.  Lori McKenna and Lucy Wainwright Roche were playing a beautiful small theater in a little … Continue reading

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Nothing like the sound of your Dad’s voice

My husband, Dave, is an accomplished musician. He plays guitar, bass, upright bass, banjo, baritone, ukulele, pretty much any plucked, stringed instrument. In a pinch, he can also play keyboards and drums. Until this year, he had mostly steered away … Continue reading

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Why We Practice and The King’s Speech

Tom and I went to see The King’s Speech on Saturday night. Lila went on strike beforehand, as she inevitably does when we have date night. “OK, well, you have to tell me the whole story about the movie afterwards,” … Continue reading

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