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Re-Writing Existing Songs

As an art form, the song lends itself to re-interpretation.  When Katryna and I first heard “Yellow Submarine,” we immediately changed the lyrics to “We all live in the pink submarine, the purple submarine, the orange submarine.” Lila changes the … Continue reading

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Little House and What to Do While Waiting for Spring

The other day I got a most alarming message from my Gmail account. In a glaring red box at the top of my Gmail page, I was informed that I had reached capacity and if I didn’t delete my excessive … Continue reading

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Suzuki Mom, part one

If a year ago you had said, “Hey, Nerissa. What is your biggest parenting nightmare?” I would have said: any situation that would put me in a position to force my daughter to do something on a daily basis. Make … Continue reading

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What Is HooteNanny, Anyway? Part One

We started HooteNanny in the fall of 2006 to share our favorite childhood songs with other families. We started with our top 25 songs, but of course, as we progressed we added songs the participating parents suggested; we wrote some … Continue reading

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