Blue Scarf Game

Today in HooteNanny, we took the Big Blue Scarf, an approximately seven foot by seven foot square swath of cerulean gauze, and while the parents held its edges, the kids jumped up and down underneath. It is similar to our parachute prop, only much lighter and therefore easier to work with. Katryna led the chant “The Houses” (by Mollie Murphy Severna Park, MD):

This is a nest for a bluebird
This is a hive for a bee
This is a hole for a bunny rabbit
And this is a house for me.

On the first line, we stretched the scarf taut. On the second, we made a “hive” by drawing in close to each other. The kids love this part, getting gently squeezed in like little bees. On the third line, we brought the scarf low, making a dome over the heads of the kids. And on the fourth, we grown-ups ducked under and joined the kids. This was a big hit, and we had to do the chant three or four more times.

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